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How can I save money while travelling?

  • Volunteering

If there's a place where you want to stay longer, than it's better to volunteer for weeks or months. In every touristic country will be loads of volunteering opportunities. Check out my blog

  • Adjust to the local lifestyle

A must skill is being able to adapt in every situation/country/culture. From this you will learn a lot about different cultures, history, behaviors, way of life and so on. If you travel with a mentality where you make yourself kind of empty ( no culture, no religion ) , with respect for the culture and their way of life , you will also get respected, where they don't see you as a tourist anymore. Like this you will be able to feel home and accepted more fast, with new knowledge and experience.

  • Limits

Before you start your journey you should already put some limits, this can be financial but also where you'll put your time and effort in. In the start of your journey you can still adjust this, because you're not adapted to the environment and prices yet. You can put a limit on how much you'll spend on food, accomodation, activities and in general, so you can manage your time and way of living.

  • Contacts

When you stay longer in one particular country you'll meet a lot of people for a consistent time. You can make friends where you help each other so it gets easier for both of you. If you understand the locals (their past, present and future), you can create a beautiful friendship that is profitable in each other lives.

  • Essentials

Only spent money in essential needs.

-Food and water (2-3 meals a day): make sure you eat enough proteins and drink minimum 3l water, if you're able to drink the tap water you can save even more.

-Necessary transport: if it's possible to walk, you should walk. For longer distance or more baggage you can hitchhike or take the public transport, as little as possible you take a taxi.

-Accomodation: if you've a car, you can manage to sleep in you car or tent on (free) campsites. If not, try hostels or share apartments.

  • Working (remotely)

If you have a degree in the touristic world, this can be from guiding to surcoaching to working remotely and so on. you can save money or even make a living of it.

What is your passion? What is your skill? What is your dream?

Mail me to So we can find out and chase your dream life.

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