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More about myself and 'simple to travel'

For as long as I can remember I never really felt home at 'home'. I always had the urge to feel, see, hear and explore more of the world. The moment I touched the ocean or/and whenever I was surrounded by nature I felt so connected to the world and myself. An experience I could not get when I was at home in Belgium. As humans we need to explore, be free and help the world. If you can relate to this, please don't hesitate and send me a text so I can help you further. 

'Simple to travel' provides you with online meetings, a step-by step plan and can even organize your whole trip. Together we can make the world a better place with knowledge, experience, happiness and amazing memories. 

If you are scared moneywise, don't be! That's all part of the step-by-step plan and the tips I will tell/show you.

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