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Best ways to find volunteering opportunities

  • Yoga teacher

A lot of companies like surcamps, yoga retreats, hostels and so on search for yoga teachers, this can be with salary or volunteering. If you recently got your certifaction as a yoga teacher, than it is interesting to volunteer for the first months. Once you got over 500 hrs experience, you will find a lot of job opportunities around the world that provide salary.

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  • Barista, Cocktail waiter, waiter

It's great to get a certificate as a barista or waiter, with this you can find work all over.

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  • Housekeeping

As a housekeeper you find a lot of jobs as a vlunteer, you will not get paid but it's a great opportunity to stay longer in a place that you like. You can watch over peoples villa in exchange of accommodations and some money for food, you can volunteer in surf camps, work in hotels and so on. As a housekeeper in the mines of Australia you can earn a great amount of salary.

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  • Surf instructor

As a beginning surf coach it's good to start with volunteering. Teaching how to surf takes a lot responsibility and alertness. Because of this you have to start teaching beginners, you wil get used to teaching and after some time you will be able to teach intermediates to. It's the same with salary, in the beginning you will be volunteering volunteering, after some time of experience you will get more paid job opportunities all over.

Check out Surf jobs or contact me so I can give you the best options.

  • Construction

If you have experience/certificates in the construction niche, it's easy for you to find work internationally. In Australia you will find work immediately, you can get a great amount off salary or volunteer in camps. In Asia it is harder to find jobs like this because the salary will be really low and you can't take of job opportunities for the locals, the same for most of Africa.

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