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Where to start?

the best places to start your journey

In general the best places to start are:

  1. Marokko

  2. Australia

  3. Thailand

  4. Italy

  5. Canada

  6. Costa rica


Marokko has everything you need. You have paradise beaches with good surfing, sweeping expanses of desert, the rif mountains in the north, the Atlas mountains stretchig through the middle of the country and some beautiful cities with a lot of culture. Marokko is cheap in general (the food, public transport and so on). Some people think that marocco doesn't like tourists and that it is dangerous to walk alone. in some places i wouldn't recommend to walk alone, but there are locals you will meet that are willing to help you. I would recommend to start in Taghazout/tamraght. It's a small city on the coast with a surfers vibe and they like tourists, there are cheap hostels and a cheap lifestyle. It's also close to some big cities like Agadir and 3 hrs from Marrakech.


If you want to stay for a long time in the same country, have a decnt job and meet people from all over the world, than Australia is the place to be. the best time to start in Australia is between september and January, to quickly find a job and to be in the best climate. Australia is really big, that's why it's hard to tell where to start. I would recommend to start in Sydney. First of all, in the summer it's in Sydney around 30 degrees, but if you are in the north of Australia while summer it can be 50 degrees and that's way to much. Sydney is a really big city with a lot of work opportunities, a perfect mix of nature and city. you're propably asking yourself, if it's that big how can i get everywhere cheap and fast? well, don't buy a car in Sydney because the public transportation is one of the best i know. It's so easy and cheap! You just need to scan your credit card before entrance and when you leave. It costs a 60 cents every rit, doesn't matter how long the rit, it's for busses, the subway, the tram and even by boat. After Sydney you can buy a car and go to the north next to the beautiful East coast line. or you can go to the west ( Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne,...). I can keep talking about Australia, so don't hesitate to book an online meeting or contact me on mail or phone.


If you want to visit Asia , i would defenitely recommend Thailand. Thailand offers a wide range of paradisaical islands to choose from, with some of the best beaches you will ever see. on the other hand you have a lot of tropical jungles up in northern Thailand, these make a great day trip of trekking adventures that could last a few days. In Thailand you will never get hungry, the food is delicious and really cheap. Thailand has a lot of culture with some of the biggest temples, there are like 40 000 temples. If you love the ocean and marine life, than Thailand is the place to be, it has some of the best diving in the world. There are some of the best fighting camps in Thailand that provides especially Muay Thai. you can stay there for one to three months, with accomodation, food.... all included. The visa in Thaliand normally is maximum 60 days, but if you go to immigration department in Pattaya you can extend your visa for another 30 days. For more info about the fighting camps, don't hesitate to contact me. tou will become stronger in every way!

4. Italy:

Italy is one of the few countries in the world where you can spend one entire month traveling and you won't get bored of it one bit. The diversity across each region in Italy from the Dolomites to Sicily is incredible, not to mention all the natural wonders, picturesque cities, and towns steep in rich history, you can see along the way as you travel across the country.

In Italy you can spend months traveling and you won't get bored. The diversity across each region is incredible. You have the amazing mountains, beautiful cities and towns with rich history, natural wonders, adorable islands, all surrounded by a beautiful coast. Italy provides a lot of farmwork in exchange for accomodation and food, perfect to get to know italy, the language, the italian habits, the culture and so on. If you don't like farmwork you can also work in the big cities like Milan,Florence and so on.


Canada is an incredible country with stunning natural landscapes, multicultural cities and crazy adventures waiting for you. Canada offers budget-consious travelers the chance to explore this beauty through an affordable experience. You propably think that Canda is expensive, but with some thinking you can discover the country on a budget for example: Get requisite camping permits to allow cheap/free backcountry camping. Also in spring, fall or winter are the prices lower than in summer. To work in the agriculture is attractive in Canada. You can apply and look for jobs on this website: .

The problem with Canada is that it's hard to get a visa, to be able to work there. there are two options. Your employer can ponsor you with a specific work permit to get your work visa. Or you can apply for an working holiday visa, but this is not certain that you will get it, because your name willl be placed in a pool and they pick random names out of it. How longer you are in that pool how bigger the chances are that you get picked.

Costa Rica:

If you want to start exploring South America, i would recommend you to start in Costa Rica. The country has insane diversity of fabulous places.The combination of a small sice country and a really good bus system, makes it easy to see a majority of the country in a short amount of time. If you like surfing and you are in love with the ocean, you should spend time on the pacific coast, it's paradise. I you like hiking and you're in love with the mountains, you should go more interior. The country is small so if you like both (like me), it's a perfect country to combine. Costa Rica provides work for backpackers like teching english, working on a surf camp, working in tourism, joining the conservation efforts and so on.

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