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You are doubting your social abilities? I was too, but while traveling you become open and your social anxiety disappears

1.     How do I meet new people

I can recommend you visit/join some camps in the beginning. This is the fastest and easiest way to meet people and develop your social capabilities. After this it will be easier to find help or connections for your journey further on. Also remember by helping people, people will help you, you get what you give.

2.     Self Esteem

With this I mean that when your self-esteem gets better and you get more confident, you will attract people and it will be easier to talk to people. Work on yourself, physically and mentally. Stay on the move and look less in the mirror.

3.     Anxiety

Anxiety is a consequence from a low self-esteem. If you overthink what people will think about you, you will come across some serious barriers. It's okay though, I was there too. It's a journey, but it all starts with yourself. Work on your self-esteem then this problem will disappear to.

4.     Help

As a traveler you will come across times that you can't go further on your own or that you need help. At these times you will see that your anxiety will not exist anymore, because at these times your survival instinct will take over because you're out of options. That's why travelling is so good for your development, and you will realize that everyone is in his own world and doesn't think about those things you worry about. You must realize that asking for help is okay and human, but you can't forget to help other people in need too. Life is about balance, what you give, you will get.



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