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how much money do i need? how can i make/save money while traveling

first of all, keep a budget in mind. every week/month you write in notitions or you take in cash the maximum amount of money you can spend, go lower than you think you can, you will be suprised how cheap you can be to survive and explore. Keep in mind that you're not there for vacation, but that you want to make this a lifestyle, it's possible if you have the right mindset. If you find the hostels to expensive, find free campsites. if you find a car to expensive, meet people with the same purpose or try public transport. If you find the food to expensive, go to local markets, or learn how to fish. If you want to stay longer in the same area try a job, not only financiel is it great, but you also meet a lot of people, learn new things, get experienced, get confidence and so on.

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