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Tips to travel Sri Lanka on a budget


Don't have to much bagage, only take what is necessary. I would recommend a 40 - 50 liter backpack, you can definitely manage to store your needs. I would also recommend to buy smaller bags so you can sort your stuff in parts and it will take less place. The reason why you can't pack to much is because you want to be flexible so you don't have to depend on taxi's or tuktuk's all the time, it costs to much. The train in Sri Lanka is really cheap and with a backpack like this you can also take it on a scooter or bicycle.

2. preparation

If you prepare yourself at home with medical needs, electronic needs and so on you will be prepared for Some unexpected circumstances. This makes you more confident in your journey and it's easier to make up a budget.

3. Have limits

With this I mean put limits on your time where you want to stay, your money you will spend, the amount of partying and so on. If you're not structured your journey will be not structured either.

4. Food

You can save a lot of money on food. By adjusting to the local lifestyle, you can save a lot of money. The local food in Sri Lanka is mostly kottu, rice and Dahl (curry) , tuna, barracuda, chicken, rotti. If you get used to eating this you can save a lot of money, but if you want to stick on eating beef, fries, and so on you will lose money.

5. Bus

A lot of people don't dare to take the bus, because they think it's not safe. It's true that the bus drivers drive a bit crazy, but any form of traffic is dangerous in Sri Lanka. The bus is really cheap, fast and it's an experience that you need to do. If you always take the Tuktuk you'll lose a lot of money.

6. Don't smoke

The prices of cigarettes are around 9 euros a pack. So it's a great motivation to stop smoking.

7. Accept help from people

When you're travelling you'll automatically get help from people. It's important to put your ego aside and accept the help, it's also important that you help people on your way. Like this it will be a beautiful journey.

8. Visa

Don't forget to extend your visa. The tourist visa in Sri Lanka counts for 30 days, you can extend an other 3 months. If you're to late with this you'll have to pay a big fine.

9. Taxi

If you want a cheap and trustworthy taxi company, please contact me and I arrange his contact.

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