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There are risks, but with preparation and courage the risks become small

1.     Preparation

Be prepared and you reduce the risk of unexpected circumstances. Make sure you learn about the culture, people, local laws, environment and so on. That makes it easier to adjust and reduce the risk of unwanted surprises. Also, be prepared with medical insurance and a basic medical kit. Make sure that you have enough battery chargers and an international power adaptor. Be prepared with your international passport and a valid Visa.

2.     Insurances

To make sure you reduce risk, check out insurances like a travel insurance and a medical insurance. Invest some time in this, it's the best way to spend a careless journey.

3.     Know the local dangers

Know about the dangers you will come across. This can be animals, weather, mobsters, diseases, tap water and so on. Check for tropical diseases and get the necessary vaccines.

4.     Know your limits

Know when to take a rest. It's important when travelling to be aware and have a clear mind. This way you can react fast and smart on unexpected circumstances. Also, if you're tired and you keep on going you will come across some injuries, and this will cost time and ruin your journey. You can search your limit, but just don't overdo it.




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